Upgrade your Internet to synKro

Our fast and reliable broadband Internet service is coming soon to rural areas across the U.S. We build in communities with the greatest demand first. You can help your family and neighbors get connected. Here is how it works!

We are rolling out our premium Internet service to rural communities and small towns throughout the U.S. We start by identifying communities that have the greatest need. Then we deploy our network in those areas that demonstrate that need by the quantity of pre-orders for service.

Here are the steps to get connected:

Step 1: Enter your Address
Enter your address to determine if you are in one of our build zones.

Step 2: Sign Up for Service
Pre-order your service and convince your neighbors to do the same. By signing up you get one step closer to being connected.

Step 3: Construction
Well done! You’ve passed the threshold and we begin our construction phase. Tower construction takes approximately two to three months to complete.

Step 4: You’re Connected
Congratulations! You and your neighbors are connected to premium Internet service!

Keep on encouraging your neighbors to sign up for service. The more people who sign up, the greater chance you have of getting hooked up to our fast and reliable network first.

Consider becoming a synKro Champion
Are you excited and passionate about bringing better broadband Internet to your area? If so, consider becoming a synKro Champion. Champions are provided marketing materials and incentives. Your efforts can make a huge difference! To learn more visit the Be a Champion page

About synKro
Families and business today need reliable service that can connect them to everything that the Web has to offer. We at synKro, understand how painful it is to feel limited by a slow Internet connection or inadequate data plan. That is why we pioneered technology — it’s patented! — that allows rural communities to enjoy high-quality broadband Internet service at an affordable price and without the usual limits such as data caps, contracts or throttling.